Threat entities collectively known as KTE-2032-Ragweed-Mendes ("The King's Demons") may emerge from these portals. Hell, despite the apparent fragility of the oxidation on their surface, you can't scratch even the rust patches. Ítem #: SCP-ES-7-J Clase de Objeto: Euclid Procedimientos Especiales de Contención: SCP-ES-7-J debe estar en una cámara de cuatro metros cuadrados con paredes de ladrillo y hormigón. Super Duper Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (Fanon Version), Power Rangers Samurai: Lightspeed Special, Power Rangers Dino Knights (Reynoman's Version), Power Rangers Coaster Force: Lost in the Midnight Mansion,, Second Spear Flevo, Third Spear Deja, Fourth Spear Lanta, Fifth Spear Ednor, Sixth Spear Dunklen, Seventh Spear Iro, Mr. Bones (as Goliath Gattai Skeleton King). It is agreed that this item is included in the previous and subsequent terms upon recovery. During the attack on Facility ████, the entity produced a large gout of fire in order to breach the walls, and subsequently subjected the personnel it found there to the same hallucinations it had previously produced. All possessing entities appear to share the goal of acquiring the other component spears. Find out what you can do. During their tenure, Ocean Bride Cestria began a plan about expanding their threat beyond Tokyo and into the West. You liquidate the spears, yet? Several more of my personnel were infected while recovering and attempting to treat them- it turns out that the illnesses the artifact inflicts are transmissible! Said agent was liquidated by Coalition forces in Johannesburg, South Africa (see File LTE-1206-Green-Mendeschild) along with a number of KTE-2032-Ragweed-Mendes entities. Fester: 'Karal-ba is death, Karal-ba kills you.' The Grey Suits didn't do shit. A’tivik (vaduk/dominion) A’ghor (kifenn/longing) In the two days between the escape of the entity and the attack on Facility ████, no reports emerged involving spontaneous fires, levitating men, hemorrhagic fevers, or outbreaks of powerful hallucinations. Components of KTE-2013 have proven resistant to both mundane and thaumaturgic attempts to liquidate them. We now know that the spear induces a form of trance and mental compulsion in addition to the hemorrhagic illness that the other components display upon infliction of a wound. We proceeded into the compromised wing under full cloaking, on the assumption that even if the possessing entity could perceive cloaked operatives, the other compromised personnel likely could not. In addition to wealthy benefactors, GROUP MENDES had obvious links to certain extremist paranormal groups (though it should be noted that the organization is largely shunned). It cannot move while viewed directly and must not be broken. The three compromised individuals exited the chamber, with the entity possessing Mr. Marks carrying the artifact. Items that are platonically perfect, or extrusions of higher-dimensional objects. Many SCPs are simply abomination that result directly from the Scarlet King himself, either by the mutilation of his daughters or by mortals he has empowered. It proceeded to exit the facility, hovering slightly above the ground; whenever it was confronted by personnel, it gestured with the artifact, and those personnel began to suffer intense, debilitating hallucinations. Lanta was defeated by Kujira Gattai Hojo Kaiser Kingda Ka and Titan V-Robo. The rest of us walked over to the corpse. We were outfitted with Mark II Combat Garments (White Suits), with both primary weapons loaded with hollow-point rounds and secondary weapons loaded with banishment rounds (silver/cold-forged iron double pentacle dispersion grid variant) in case of KTE-2032-Ragweed-Mendes entity manifestation. Further, there is a good chance that if the artifact is completed, a Global Eschatological Event would occur, requiring the implementation of Procedure Pizzicato- and likely leading to human extinction, regardless. We stopped the electrical current tests early. I don't know. This concept was then shaped b… Once the last demon was dead, it stopped laughing. I understand they had to amputate the arm. Seven Seas will publish the light novel series SCP Foundation: Iris of the Mirror World for the first time in North America in print and on digital platforms in single volume editions. In dark clothing. Cold and a stink like a decaying corpse rose from the implement. Our findings were immediately concerning. The possessing entity proceeded to assault the PTOLOMY personnel present with the artifact, and succeeded in compromising both thaumaturgical researcher Dr. Johanne Schmidt and research assistant Donald Greyson. Click here to edit contents of this page. Six of seven KTE-2013 components were recovered by the Foundation from a raid upon a group of GROUP MENDES cultists ("Children of the Scarlet King") which also recovered KTE-2016-Black-Mendeschild ("The Seventh Bride"). You got an alert from PHYSICS monitoring at, let's see… oh-eight-hundred hours. The room was subsequently breached, and it was discovered that the entity was deceased; it had suffered extreme muscle atrophy, loss of bone density, and multiple organ failure, presumably as a result of using the spear. Gorman: …Alright. 0415-20 to 0415-30: Several individuals present begin to appear distressed or disoriented. During this time, several other facility personnel, including security officers Margaret Jordan and Peter Rosenbaum, special operatives Michel Duboise (Initiate of the Illuminated Mysteries), Adam Georges (Initiate of the Illuminated Mysteries), Tomas Salem (Initiate of the Illuminated Mysteries), Lawrence Makepeace (Novice of the Illuminated Mysteries), Jonathan Hagen (Novice of the Illuminated Mysteries), Claire Heller (Scholar of the Illuminated Mysteries), and special Type Blue assets Sarah Bernard (Scholar of the Illuminated Mysteries) and David Weiss (Illuminated Minervan), all of whom were involved in either the containment of or research regarding the artifact, were notified of a potential breach and instructed to render officer Claiborne assistance. We also traced the funding of these cells during this time: GROUP MENDES assets are primarily collected from low-level members, but the organization has several wealthy backers- see the attached statements. The generation of small quantities of human and porcine blood on their surfaces and in their immediate environment, The infliction of nightmares, anxiety disorders, and in cases of long-term exposure, phobias and hallucinations, in individuals within close proximity. Thank you, Operative Fester. Centauroid in body shape. Six spears generate a portal large enough to allow passage of entities larger than humans, and which may last for hours; four or five spears are sufficient to create a humanoid-sized aperture for approximately an hour. This report is a summary of the actions leading up to GOC security agent Bradley Nielsen making unauthorized contact with KTE-2013-Echo, the recorded or reconstructed actions of the entity housed in KTE-2013-Echo while possessing Agent Nielsen, and an account of the recovery of the artifact. It is believed that if all of the component artifacts were reunited with appropriate rituals, either a portal powerful enough to allow PTE-616-Mendes-Ex-Machina ("The Scarlet King") entrance to our reality, or the generation of a threat entity similar to KTE-216-Black-Mendeschild ("The Seventh Bride") would result. In an attempt to understand why Agent Nielsen had made contact with the artifact, his personal belongings were searched, which led to the discovery of a journal. Regardless, the entity is shot fourteen times and killed instantly.

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