Thanks for the sleepless nights, for the almost instant code translations, for the immediate updates, thanks for accepting every single wildcard theory, cause at that point anything could make sense. Download -> Firefox 62.0.2 für Linux 64-bit herunterladen. it REALLY sounds like "So did they bury you?" I recommend reading through it yourself. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cate (decafhotchocolate#1274 on Discord, one of our mods.) It's this quiet wonder that my mind tends to [g]ets lost in. S'agit-il d'une arnaque ou d'un numéro surtaxé ? Thank you! When the z was changed to an s for the first time, a torn off compass on the map that was only obtainable by editing the image was fully removed and currently remains that way, The image of the birds are Vultures sitting on the Tower of Dema, The full image of the little boy has him standing next to Andre Weil, a man who formed a group of 9 mathematicians, including himself, that not only "mathematically proved that God is real", but invented the "Ø". This is actually two messages put together. Gif of hidden message Credit to /u/DragonBoy2734 aka Poot. (4/21/2018 4:31pm CDT) Update-2: were talking about everything in real time over at come join and go to #solving-the-puzzle! Apparently some have claimed construction workers told them the posters are going to be changed in the next couple days. 89 internautes ont laissé leur avis sur la ligne +33176430916. When the map is turned so that east is up, the songs that the lyrics correspond to match up witht the order of songs that are on the blurryface album art, in addition to this, the violation code is 15398642_14. (6/29/2018 8:29pm CDT) Update-50: NEW AUDIO FOUND ON OH MY GOD, (6/29/2018 8:42pm CDT) Update-51: First off we fucking crashed the website for a bit lmao. Usagi Tsukino is a normal girl until she meets up with Luna a talking cat who tells her that she is Sailor Moon. We all admired his, and felt honored to be inhabitants of his region. However, want to make it clear that unless it comes from the TOP store, main website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or and of the dmaorg pages, it is not relevant to me. get out. (6/28/2018 11:18 pm CDT) Update-47: Now that its hit midnight in at least one part of the US, the US database has been updated to have the two songs on it. (7/6/2018 10:28PM CDT) Update-68: YO THIS GIF WAS POSTED. I'm honestly kind of dissapointwd if all of this back story stops with the album release... We still haven't figured out the Nico/stressed out thing either, unless I missed it. After countless days of searching both my soul, my mind, and my surroundings I arrived in Trench. it was a bishop. Credit to @⊬#9310 and @christa#5056 on discord for this update! Also, the compass on the map that can only be found by editing the image is now gone. This letter, in short, describes what had happened in the Jumpsuit videos., The Pop Song Professor, along with explaining the DEMA website really well, called me out on my bullshit on his latest video, Next, if you rotate it so that EASTISUP and overlay it onto the map, and draw a line through the notch and the center, it goes. Totally missed that! Nulla eu accumsan nisi. If you see something I haven't said anything about or have a theory (or are hyped as fuck), leave it here! )[] The letter is titled "unalone" with the date "018 07MOON 18", which signifies today. Last bit of info I have now is an overview of the Tower that this website has built for us. soooo the picture is straight up a dead body lol. 4/21/2018 9:55pm CDT) Update 245 Severing ties was changed back to Severing tiez! they don't control you. here is a pc download link to hear the polished audio of tyler,--slowed down, reversed, and pitched up. This is his first action on social media since the hiatus. After this, we see the torch gif dmaorg in context as it represents the banditos escapjng dema. Maybe whoever isnt supposed to know we were snooping around. As a child, I looked upon Dema with wonder, today, I am wrought with frustration, as I spend each day squninting for a glimpse of the top of the looming wall that has kept us here. Kinda spooky: ”The perplexities of the Dema horizon didn't occur to me until my ninth year. Naturally, to fuel my hope, I looked out upon the distance of the land that had cultivated me, only this time with new awareness of the obstruction that my youthful ignorance had allowed me to overlook. I'm not gonna type everything out until we understand what all of this means, but here is a new link: A bunch of black and white images and odd text... No idea what any of this means yet! 009 12MOON 29 d_e_ath__eat_E_rz. Yo, this is subtle!!! ), -josh, jenna, and everyone else on the cliffs are 100% the banditos, -it is safe to assume tyler is the failed perimeter escape, -the man on the horse was NOT blurryface. Bring this thread back to life people! (4/23/2018 8:40pm CDT) Update-36: I have now totally updated the thread to be rid of loose theories, and only updates/explanations. Once you figure out what letters are missing, you can see that they spell out “YOU ARE STILL SLEEPING”... (5/31/2018 1:28pm CDT) Update-45: Super late to this, but yesterday at 8:40pm CDT there was a gif added to the website. Blurryface representing Blurryface and being the bishop that lines with their biggest song makes a whole lot of sense... (7/26/2018 12:11pm CDT) Update-78: Nico and the Niners has gotten a video.. with 7 reads. Sailor Moon, known in Japan as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, is an anime series adapted from the manga series of the title by Naoko Takeuchi.The series was directed by Junichi Sato, Kunihiko Ikuhara and Takuya Igarashi and produced by TV Asahi and Toei Animation. Genuine OEM Ariens 5/16" Professional Snow Blower Shear Bolts 3-Pack 51001500 4.6 out of 5 stars 130. Je vient de recevoir un appel du 01 77 35 42 13. 988 12MOON 01. they don't control yoU.get out. Of Dema's nine bishops, Keos(?) The first four seasons were dubbed and released in North America by DIC Entertainment (now DHX Media) and Cloverway. The error tells us that we are "in violation" and that "thEy mustn't know [we] were here". They don't control you. get out. why is NATN before Jumpsuit in the playlist? The eye opened more. A lire sur : Annoncée pour l'automne 2020 sur Nintendo Switch, la dernière entrée d'Harvest Moon prendra finalement un peu de retard. was reserved as unwavering and forthright, possessing the ability to achieve focus that was rare for most in our region. UPDATE-52 EDIT/NOTES: To prove that "trench" is intended to match up the numbers in the link, also leads us to the same audio file instead of an error code. Thanks for pointing this flaw out to me! Le numéro 01 70 22 06 16 possède un indice de confiance de 4%.L'indice de confiance est très faible, ne répondez pas à cet appel, ou ne communiquez pas avec ce numéro. get out. 988 12MOON 01. It was then that I began to contemplate the existential, and decide what type of impression I wanted my life to make. 7. Lisden matches all i feeL IS DENial from Polarize. the comPass lies. Morbi dignissim porta porta. While above it says "017 07MOON 17". At first glance, you can tell that it says "U STILL DONT KNOW HIS REAL NAME DO U?". J’ai également été contacté par un correspondant inconnu 01 77 93 93 00. The album is released, but the mysteries of the dmaorg website are not solved yet. This may be completely unrelated but its been a min but: The Few, the Proud, the Emotional = FPE=Failed perimeter escape (? Quick update again: Entire album is leaked and it’s gorgeous and I hope it gets released today or possibly a new music video. -Jumpsuit is a part two to HDS, and also documents Clancy's escape in it's video. 017 07MOON 17 __n_ot_myo_nly_fri_en d 017 07MOON 16 017 07MOON 07 017 02MOON 12 013 01MOON 08 sev_ering__tiez gEt out. They don't control you. ), Quick Update: Lyrics for all songs out, Legend leaked, 4 days til Trench, still no dema updates. (4/21/2018 7:28pm CDT) Update-16: The full picture of the child found on the dema website has Andre Weil on it, mathematitian. Manières possibles d'écrire le numéro 017. Above the gif, it reads 017 07MOON 16 (July 16, 2017). // --- As Sailor Moon Usagi must fight evils and enforce ju. Its very possible this could actually be a prequel, but personally i am not sure yet. 017 07MOON 17 __n_ot_myo_nly_fri_en d 017 07MOON 16 017 07MOON 07 017 02MOON 12 013 01MOON 08 sev_ering__tiez gEt out. UPDATE-49 EDIT/NOTES: It seems like the lyrics matching the closing eye does indeed match the dmaorg updates, as "__n_ot_myo_nly_fri_en d" corrilates with truce. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY when the audio is pitched up, you hear tyler saying what I and many others on the discord think is "So did they [bury(?)] I should also add that the updates to the website seem to correlate to the lyrics found in the eye tweets. with the file name "he_a_vy" and the date being "018MOON 05", which is today (like the last one was). Please, dear Clique, bring this wonderful thread back to life. 2 years ago Reblog. they don't control you. *, if you turn the map so that east is up, the order of the circles in the middle change, we found out the names of the circles correspond to lyics on Blurryface. The final one was the message man one and today was a double update. TOP tweeted today for the first time since the hiatus, @drummerdoug54 on twitter did a pretty cool inspection of what the heck is goin on in the last tweet. While we had heard legend of the ruthlessness of other bishops, Keos(?) 011 07MOON 08 . live on. Next update should have whatever i can get a hold of, (7/5/2018 5:00PM CDT) Update-64: i think the websites gone for good lol. its actually gone now, but the links themselves are still up... what yall doin smh STOP PLAYIN WITH US PLS THANKS. The North Face : Polaire en Polartec - Homme - Glacier Pro - The North Face - Automne-Hiver 2020/2021. on 4/20/2018 the link was added to the end of the gif on this website, *"404 ER_ROR you are in violation. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Русская Балалайка = The Russian Balalaika on Discogs. Above the gif, it reads 017 07MOON 16 (July 16, 2017). some cool callbacks! But like, actually this time. Also, were any websites other than found relating to the album? "They Cant See Yellow", (7/8/2018 2:08PM CDT) Update-70: This image titled "2_1_2.gif" was just added to with the date "018 07MOON 08" (today). Nov 24, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by kel marie. The compartment he has destroyed was one of his insecurities, and afterwards in the song, all of the other anxieties come up and try to defeat him, leading him running away and seeking help from a friend. They 100% pulled the plug on it. Streets and locations were dependable, and the responsibilites of the day seemed to be accomplished with minimal effort. Credit to @⊬#9310 and @christa#5056 on discord for this update! (4/21/2018 6:37pm CDT) Update-13: if you put the songs right to left its the Blurryface album cover! We got new audio and im guessing a new image and im guessing also a change to the main dema page thing is... this happened. I wanna hear everyone theories and what they found in the new songs!! the compass lIeS. joshdun, clancy, diary. Rossignol : Snowboard Freestyle/All-Mountain - Homme - Trickstick AF - Rossignol - 2020/2021. (4/22/2018 3:17pm CDT) Update-31: @Ⱥsɏmmɇŧɍɨȼ#1922 on Discord gave us a good graphic to document the images we have so far. Was any significance found for those subfolders? the comPass lies. if you reverse the audio you can clearly hear "we are banditos". Website was FOUND, as in /found in the url. Edit: 5/10/2018 12:50 pm CST: Date has been changed to 017 07MOON 07 (4/21/2018 6:20pm CDT) Update-12: Each of the names is lyrics in the songs the dots correspond to if you turn the compass picture to the left. no one can know. (Here is a transcribed version done by @jessaroo#7880 on discord.)[]. We all owe you a lot. 280 votes, 87 comments. stay strong. Modenesi vendredi 16 mai 2014 à 18:00. DISCORD.GG/TWENTYONEPILOTS, On the Twenty One Pilots store, under the Vessel section, Album name is Trench. Sailor Moon. they don't control you. Peaceful and relaxing music downloads listed below. Not confirmed, but "017 07MOON 17" seems to be the date the @blurryface account liked the tweet about the tower of dema/the date josh first said it when accepting an award. they don't control yoU.get out. To add to this, we're seeing a lot of nods to insecurities and hesitation from incoming fame that the band is getting. It was not a typo fix because there is text on the page that reads "d_e_ath__eat_E_rz" farther down. we mUst keeP silent. you can never tell anyone about thiS -- for The sake of the others' survIval, you muSt keep this silent. (4/21/2018 4:41pm CDT) Update-3: Okay so things start to get interesting. the comPass lies. the compAss lies. I will be putting this as a pinned comment too for people who want to revisit. Nice! ("I have killed a man and all I know / Is I am on the run and go" ... "But tonight, I'll need you to stay.". the boys are having weird posters put up all over! Why is this thread dead? rigid engine to gearbox half moon seal. Aliquam eu ornare nibh. I know it's an old discovery, but I thought I'd put up my own personal parallels and theories. How had I not seen something so obvious? Clancy's journal states that basically Keons is the bishop/region clancy likes and all the other circles (the circles represent quadrents under the rule of bishops and also the songs on the BF album art. People on discord think this “Clancy” character could be Tyler... were getting onto something! (4/21/2018 6:46pm CDT) Update-14: [removed] (4/21/2018 7:00pm CDT) Update-15 Quadrant circles VS Blurryface. Ce numéro a été consulté 6 fois hier et 2 fois aujourd'hui. TØP mysterious messages . This time a Clancy letter. My bad. I mean, the song is talking about not using suicide as revenge or as a way to get a "neon gravestone.". the compAss lies. Do you know what else is a warning for violating that code number? Snowboards homme Trickstick AF de marque Rossignol en vente sur Snowleader (The reblochon company). no one can know. La fiche du numéro de téléphone 01 76 43 09 16 de Boulogne-Billancourt a été consultée 9688 fois. Check out what’s new and known issues for this version of Firefox below. when the highliter is put over the new clancy letter you get this. 988 06MOON 18. However, i will keep update this thread as more info comes out. Today we got kitchen sink, as the vulture blinked (nobody dreams when they blink). I've heard stories abo[u]t the ide[a] of "home," and its depiction has always seemed warm f[r]om the storyt[e]ller's de[s]cription. (6/29/2018 9:46PM CDT) Update-53: it REALLY sounds like "So did they bury you?" Mini Spares stock over 9000 Classic Mini parts and accessories. Vente en ligne d'accessoires de sport et d'activites d'exterieur (en ville et montagne) : ski, snowboard, randonnee, roller et skateboard. This hope of discovery alone has birthed a new version of myself; A better version, I hope, that will find a way to experience what's beyond these colossal walls. ), 011 07Moon 08 - July 8 2011 or something -- RaB, picture of a kid (like the cover), 009 12 Moon 29 - Dec 29 2009 - self titled -- picture of birds, isle of flightless birds, (4/21/2018 5:18pm CDT) Update-6: the images have names! Finally, the file name translates to August 3rd 2018 at 5:14. get out. your own Pins on Pinterest Just recently it was discovered that two new TOP songs have been registered on this database. if not, we will continue to wait patiently! Yellow tape is covering the email sign up on the website, yellow tape is covering all of the "silence" banners, but for some reason doesnt cover the "E", 2_1_2, the picture of the dead body's title, However-dont go to wild-this radio station straight up said new music comes out Thursday lmfao. Discover (and save!) sev_ering__tiez Sed rhoncus feugiat metus at tincidunt. And mainly, thanks to all the crazy clique members that hopped on to this train. Soft piano and guitar are common instruments for this background genre. (7/8/2018 2:15PM CDT) Update-70: soooo the picture is straight up a dead body lol. It immediately changed to "3lurr.gif". Trench is only 2 weeks aways, that's unbelievable. SLOWtown - Wouldnt it be great if... etc. But if you take the letters that are in the place of the spaces, It spells "NICO NICO" nico nico niiiii . Le rythme de consultation du numéro est légèrement en baisse, la moyenne est habituellement de 4 consultations/jour. get out. who knows! I think this is confirmation that the website is done updating. 2. Vol.04 Ch.017 - Secrery - Sailor Jupiter. (4/22/2018 3:14pm CDT) Update-30: This channel is fake until further notice. In My Blood, which is LITERALLY CALLED MY BLOOD, Tyler's OWN blood spilled, he is talking about using the strength he has procured through battling his own insecurities into helping US fight our own. I guess, according to @AidenCharming#1924 on Discord, if you convert 15398642_14 with a unix time stamp converter you get June 28th...?

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